Born in Caracas, Venezuela, He graduated with a bachelors in Advertising Graphic Design (1995). He presently resides in Andorra, where he works as a professional in the editorial pre-press field, digital prints and graphic design. A photography lover from a young age, his constant interest to learn has provided him with a solid knowledge of this field, some techniques self-taught and some thru studying in renowned institutes such as the Art School of "La Llacuna" in the community of Andorra La Vella.

Reinaldo poses knowledge in Public Speech and Leadership, personal development, Graphic Design and Layout Software, among others. He has taken on the role of Graphic Designer, Art Director, Packaging Design Teacher, Tutor and Judge in Graphic Design presentations at a College Level. He has also participated as a Special Events Coordinator for Expositions and Events that involve Products of Massive Consumption. His Design and Photography talent has been awarded in different opportunities in South America and Europe.

More than 15 Years of amateur and professional experience combine to showcase his abilities in the world of Design and Digital Imagery. This creates the ideal canvas to express his ideas and feelings infused with nature, mystery, and a surreal interpretation of the world.

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